The Argentine Jersey Breeders Association was established in 1981, as an initiative of a group of breeders who were trying to spread the breed in the country.

The founding partners were: Juan A. Campbell, Gastón Solari Loudet, Maria Carmen S. de Pérez Companc, Miguel T. Majdalani, Guillermo Alchouron, Graciela Curia, Wanner Jager, Hernán Robredo, Mario Otero, Jaime Kronhaus and Eduardo Kronhaus.

Since then, the breed’s genetics improved through imports. A group of Jersey breeders began to import animals from the United States in 1981, Uruguay in 1983 and 1984 and later from Canada and New Zealand.

By means of an intensive use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer with proven sires from the referred countries, the genetic level of the breed calls the attention of international judges who attend Argentine dairy shows organized by the Association every year.