How to breed Jerseys

Argentina still has a small herd available for sale. Until 1979 the national herd was composed by a few cows of English origin in the beginning of the century. These cows were not always milked or controlled, for they were more an object for decoration in the country houses than a dairy cow with productive value. This is why the genetic growth went slow. As from the last years, the interest for the breed increased and animals were imported from the United States, Canada, Uruguay and New Zealand.

New generations of enthusiastic breeders created the AACJ (Argentine Jersey Breeders Association) in the year 1981. They began to spread the breed, improve its genetics and organize fairs and dairy contests. But the active Jersey cows in the country are still a few in relation to the current demand. New breeders are now enlarging their herds, opening new dairy farms, importing live cattle and implementing embryo-transfers, so there are only a few cows available for sale.

As from the year 2007, sexed semen becomes more popular among commercial herds. This increased the number of born female calves, which have a higher commercial value than male calves.