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The Milk

In countries where the value of milk depends on the content of solids, the Jersey breed becomes important. For a 3% fat milk, the protein content goes between 2,5% and 3%. Compared to a 5% fat milk (usual in Jerseys) the protein ranges between 3,6% y el 5%. This means that every liter of milk has from 11 to 20 grams more protein that the milk with 3% fat and the nutritional value (not energy value) increases as well.

Among the so-called proteins there is casein, a milk component that determines the milk’s industrial yield. The Jersey is richer in casein, especially of the BB fraction. Since all the developed countries pay according to the nutritional value, the Jersey milk definitely has the higher value for the consumer and the industries, who save on transportation costs since there is a smaller water volume.